You Gotta Love Research

A day at the beachWe all know that Google can find you 390 million (!) results when you search for “stuff”, including the “story of stuff“, which is rather interesting. Just in case you were wondering. Apple on the other hand makes some nice toys and they sell popular tunes online.  Oh and a phone that people seems to like. Maybe after you have read this, you will like the iPhone even more…

More sexpartners

It always amazes me the research that people do. Some of it is useful, like the post I read today about “processes“, but what can anyone make of the following research? It just blows my mind! Really. Have a look for yourself: iPhone owners have more sex partners. What does that make you think? It definitely did make me think. Especially about the cause-realtion aspect in this research. So should those who desire so buy an iPhone? Or perhaps if you now think your partner currently has exactly the low number of partners you desire, give them an Android phone so they stay on that number?

Nokia users

Well that was not really the part that worried me! And it didn’t just worried me, it made me very curious. I am sure my curiosity is not going to be solved any time soon, lets be honest, you think anyone is going to repeat this research anytime to answer my question? I hope they do, because what I really want to know, is how would we Nokia owners fare in this research! That’s why we gotta love research!

But of course it is quality that counts, not the quantity, lets not forget that!!