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Vetus e-line

Since I have been working on boats, and renovating an old recuse sloop, my goal has been to make it fully sustainable, clean and silent. That has been a challenge, to say the least. Vetus has always made..

Swiss lakes ban…

…the two strokes engines and favor the electric propulsions We have taken this article from our friends at Groove Boats. “Swiss law on inner water navigation (“ordonnance sur la navigation intérieure – ONI, article 166 al 22) limited..

PlanetSolar continues

PlanetSolar has circumnavigated the world as the first solar powered boat. She has been discussed here mor than once before, see for example this post about PlanetSolar. She is a magnificent catamaran, covered in solar panels and can..

The future is green…

The future is green, even on the blue waters we love to sail. But there still is a long way to go.

We are investigating how to turn an old sloop with a diesel engine into an electrical powered boat, ready for the future. What do we need? What are the challenges? Step one.