A purpose: Renewable Boating Blog!

MazeFrom air-conditioning to aquadrive, from cooking to classics to canals, from paint to python-drive and from transport to toilet. These are just a few of the topics discussed in boating magazines. Which makes sense. We like to stay cool when the sun is hot, we like to eat nice food during our holidays and at the end of the day we all need to go to the toilet.


But I miss something. Where is the renewable energy? Is there no interest in renewable energy for boats? Is it too expensive to install renewable energy on board? Is it just overlooked?

There is some information for those who search for it. There are many electrical powered boats, for example in areas where they are not allowed to use petrol or diesel engines because of pollution or noise. But these are almost always powered by the grid.

Green Boating

Therefore, I am going to write about renewable energy on the water. How can it be done. What are the bottlenecks? Examples of projects that have worked so far. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can sail around in boats which are powered by the sun and the wind so we don’t pollute the nature we are trying to enjoy with our boats?

I am very interested to hear your thoughts about this new idea!

Thanks again for reading my little articles!