More than 3 years in Australia and they still surprise me…

People here in Australia still amaze me. The other day I was walking down a street lined with little cafes and shops. It was a nice street to go for a coffee, which is always a favourite pastime for me.

Unfortunately they were working on the sidewalk. Replacing something that wasn’t really broken in the first place it to make sure the government is spending enough money. I mean they are ensuring the safety of everyone walking there and making sure it looks nice and tidy.

Surprise, we will help you!

I was going to pass the part where they were working, I looked left and right to make sure that I was not going to be run over. But before I could step on the street, a loly pop lady as they are called here, approached me and asked if I needed to pass the road works. After I confirmed this obvious fact, she radioed (!!) her colleague about 40 meters away and asked if he could stop all traffic (yes, all traffic) for me. Wow. It doesn’t happen everyday that they stop all traffic for me when I could have safely walked between the construction and the cars.