The everyday quirks of the globetrotter

Globe TrotterOne of the problems one has when often has a a globetrotter, moving around and visiting different places are the people that you meet. Those people themselves are not a problem (most of the time at least), they are great fun and interesting people. I had and I am still having the best of times with these internationals! The different cultures bring so much to a group of friends.

The International

Take for example the “domestic“. This is an argument with your housemates, or who ever you may live with. But we have as well the “international“. This is already a bit more advanced, as this involves an argument between people different countries, mostly based coming perceptions about countries. “You eat frog legs” was a common heard one.
The most advanced one is the “intercontinental“. You really need a diverse group of international friends, as this involves arguments between different continents. The good thing is that this can unit people from different countries, like the french and the english, who would otherwise still be stuck in their “international“. In this case they can focus on another continent, for example the Latinos. One would at first say that their reputation to be fashionably late would be ground for an argument, but a french friend quickly proved to she could outshine the latinos by being at least three times as late. But don’t be fooled by this minor set back, one looking for an “intercontinental” will always be able to find a cause, even if there is no cause what so ever!

International friends

But I do digress. Meeting all these people around the world, means that either you or they are traveling, going to travel or maybe they are just going home after a long journey. I mean, who wouldn’t be tired after all those months of traveling, meeting people, partying, traveling a little more, having “quiet” dinners with friends and did I mention the studying already?
Al though we all live in different countries, continents even, sometimes it feels like you all are next door when we talk on Skype. You can make me laugh and we talk and we talk like we used to do when were in the same country (which ever of the many countries we visited). The world does feel like a small place, it takes 30 hours to actually meet, but that doesn’t stop us! It is great to have you out there, you always make me smile! We all know that one day we will meet us, some sooner, some later! But we never really change, we are still the same fun people that we first met all those years ago.

Go internationals, you are awesome!