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It starts with ambition

I always say it starts with ambition when someone thinks I am dreaming about a future project. Well, that is nothing compared to the dream the team from the Solar Roadway has! It starts with ambition And ambition is what they have plenty of! Paving all the roads with solar panels. Build in LED lights …

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AK Maritime Service

I don’t just want to show far from our bed examples of huge projects sponsored by large corporations, but as well help you to find the right information for your own boat. AK Maritime Service is a service provider both for recreational yachts as well as work boats. They have a small webshop where you …

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Improvement to my boat

— UPDATE — The chinese engine was installed in 2012, and has so far been a success! Improvement, yes! Green, not yet. So what happened? We replaced the the old engine, a Mercedes OEM 636 , with a new Chinese engine. The Mercedes OEM 636 was last installed in a car in 1961. That is …

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A purpose: Renewable Boating Blog!

From air-conditioning to aquadrive, from cooking to classics to canals, from paint to python-drive and from transport to toilet. These are just a few of the topics discussed in boating magazines. Which makes sense. We like to stay cool when the sun is hot, we like to eat nice food during our holidays and at …

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