Improvement to my boat

— UPDATE — The chinese engine was installed in 2012, and has so far been a success!

Improvement, yes! Green, not yet.

So what happened? We replaced the the old engine, a Mercedes OEM 636 , with a new Chinese engine. The Mercedes OEM 636 was last installed in a car in 1961. That is over 50 years ago! The engine has been running quite ok, and I believe the core of the engine will still be able to run for many more hours. But this will require an enthusiast who is willing to invest quite some time in this ancient engine. That enthusiast won’t be me, but it would be great if someone else will get another 10 orso years out of this engine.

Whats next? A Chinese engine! I have been told they make about 5000 engines. So they do have some experience with engines. I meant 5000 engines, per week! That is a lot of engines!

An improvement by installing a more efficient diesel engine from China. This will reduce my fuel consumption and lower the pollution. The next step will be an electrical engine, either as an extra just for slow sailing in the canals of Amsterdam or to replace the diesel engine. We’ll see.