Really? — updated —

To show how little is being written about this topic, renewable energy for your boat or ship, you should try to Google “renewable energy for boats”. Of course I am very happy with this result, but I am shocked to be on the number one spot in Google after only a couple short weeks. That means that there is really almost nothing written or published about renewable energy for boats. Or perhaps the SEO for my blog is just great.

On the up side, this strengthen me even more to write about it and discover the possibilities. Where do you want quietness and fresh air more than when enjoying nature in your own boat?

— updated–

Ok, I just learned something. Google search results are (very) personalized! Searching for yourself or your own blog, results in, you guessed it, yourself or your blog. So the search result from Google was real, unfortunately the conclusion was flawed because this personalization of Google. I will have to do more research and have to work a little longer on becoming the number one. Which I had anticipated from the start.

SEO for my blog

Ok, so I am not perfect. And neither is this blog. So I guess I have to work a bit harder on the content of the blog and improve the SEO stuff too. But I am sure that with persistency and good quality articles about renewable energy for boats I will be found more and more often.