Interesting observation about renewable and nuclear energy

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant

As you might have noticed, I added some Google Adds to support this website. Every time you click on an add on my site, I receive a couple cents. I use this to maintain this website and hope to cover the cost this year. So you know what to do to get me a buck or two…

Last weekend I showed my website to a friend. I was happy to hear that he liked it and thought that the site looked nice. But when writing about renewable energy for boats, it is a little strange to see ads for nuclear energy and another random add for Good Ideas from Statoil, the Norwegian National Oil Company’s public relation page. I have to admit, it is a pretty good page. And you can learn quite a bit too, so go check it out.

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Frysian E-Power Challenge 2011

Frysian E-Power Challenge

Last Sunday I spent the day in Sneek to watch 21 one electrically powered boats compete in the Frysian E-Power Challenge. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good and I didn’t envy the guys and girls sitting in their boats sailing around Friesland for more than 4 hours. I wanted to see this E-Power Challenge to see what the different possibilities of electrical sailing are at the moment. It was great to see the variety of boats that were participating.

Frysian eChallenge

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Frisian E-Performance Challenge – Update

Winner Dong Solar Challenge

I had a great day in Sneek today watching all the electrical boats. There were 21 boats competing for the title of fastest e-powered boat. I will post a longer review about the day with some photos in the next couple of days. The photo you see here is the winner of the Dong Solar Challenge 2010, which used to be called the Nuon Solar Challenge. This boat did not compete today. It is a requirement for the competing boats that they are on sale and the public can buy the same version. This is clearly not the case with this one, as it was specifically constructed for the solar challenge.

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Book: Electric Propulsion for Boats

Electrical propulsion for boats

A nice book about electrical propulsion for boats. You can buy the book at Amazon.

Yet another book that is not dedicated to renewable energy for boats, but that can help you to install electrical propulsion on our boats. This is the first step to a boat only powered by renewable energy. The author, Charlie Mathys, has many years of experience with designing various boats and propulsion methods. He describes both his successes and the things that went wrong to make sure that you as the reader will not make the same mistakes as well.

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Frisian E-Performance Challenge

Stifting Elektrysk Farre Fryslan
Sunday 18th of September
As the title suggests, this is a challenge for electrical boats to see how long and how far electrically powered boats can go. They want to show the public what is possible with electrically powered boats. The race starts at 12pm and the boats are expected to be back in about 4 hours. The 10 fastest boats will receive a variety of prizes worth 15,000 euro.

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Ecolution is the creation of Wubbo Ockels. After traveling to space he decided that the earth deserves better, so he built a boat that doesn’t need any fossil fuels, can sail all year long, all around the world. If you have the money, you can order one too!

Have a look at the Ecolution Website or read this review in the Dutch nautical magazine Nautique.

A Day At The Beach

Amazing Video! If only the Dutch beaches would be like this one. Well, a bit later in the video, it does look a lot like the Dutch beach/weather.

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(No) Renewable Energy for my Boat

I have a boat and I love it. It is an old rescue sloop which I have had for some years now. In the years that I have had it, it has been seriously changed and re-worked. It looked so different when we first saw it, that we didn’t even realize that the original hull was that of a sloop. The superstructure was, well, weird for a boat. This boat was, so we realized later, clearly built by someone who did not have much boating experience. The wood work was technically ok, it did include some very nice details. It would be a very nice construction, if it was a closet or a walk in wardrobe.

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Really? — updated —

To show how little is being written about this topic, renewable energy for your boat or ship, you should try to Google “renewable energy for boats”. Of course I am very happy with this result, but I am shocked to be on the number one spot in Google after only a couple short weeks. That means that there is really almost nothing written or published about renewable energy for boats. Or perhaps the SEO for my blog is just great.

On the up side, this strengthen me even more to write about it and discover the possibilities. Where do you want quietness and fresh air more than when enjoying nature in your own boat?

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Book: WordPress for Dummies

WordPress for Dummies

WordPress for Dummies

I use WordPress for this website and I always love to have a real book when working on these things. I hope this book, Buy this book at Amazon, which is actually 8 books in 1, can be useful for you when you want to explore the many possibilities of WordPress. At the moment WordPress is easy to quickly setup, but if you really want to get the most out of it, you really need a bit more information.

Or just shoot me a message if you have any questions.


Buy this book at Amazon.

Solar Powered Inflatable Boat

It is possible! That is the good news. Fully solar powered, all you hear is a whisper from the electrical engine. This is great. It looks really relaxed, sailing around without the noise of the traditional noisy engine.

Solar Power Infaltable Boat
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Useful Books

We have been looking for good books about renewable energy for boats for a while. We thought there would be more about renewable energy for boats. But we were wrong. Or we just haven’t been able to find them yet. This is one book that does cover the topic and it tells you a great deal about installing a renewable energy system. Or any electrical power system onboard your boat, car or caravan.

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A Sustainable Boat?

Confused-Figure-with-Question-MarksI was reading an article about an electrically powered boat. Although the main aim of this boat is not to be purely powered by renewable energy, it could be. It is a sailing boat with an electrical engine. The idea is that the two Mastervolt batteries are charged by mains power when the boat is not used.

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PlanetSolar – The largest solar powered boat on the planet

Planet SolarPlanetSolar

PlanetSolar is the worlds largest solar boat and sailing around the world at the moment. She is in the Philippines at the time of writing. Their goal is to promote the use of renewable. They do this by showing that renewable energy technologies work as well as by pushing the boundaries of current technology.
Wow, sailing around the world to promote something you believe in, that is pretty cool.

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A purpose: Renewable Boating Blog!

MazeFrom air-conditioning to aquadrive, from cooking to classics to canals, from paint to python-drive and from transport to toilet. These are just a few of the topics discussed in boating magazines. Which makes sense. We like to stay cool when the sun is hot, we like to eat nice food during our holidays and at the end of the day we all need to go to the toilet.

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More than 3 years in Australia and they still surprise me…

People here in Australia still amaze me. The other day I was walking down a street lined with little cafes and shops. It was a nice street to go for a coffee, which is always a favourite pastime for me.

Unfortunately they were working on the sidewalk. Replacing something that wasn’t really broken in the first place it to make sure the government is spending enough money. I mean they are ensuring the safety of everyone walking there and making sure it looks nice and tidy.

Surprise, we will help you!

I was going to pass the part where they were working, I looked left and right to make sure that I was not going to be run over. But before I could step on the street, a loly pop lady as they are called here, approached me and asked if I needed to pass the road works. After I confirmed this obvious fact, she radioed (!!) her colleague about 40 meters away and asked if he could stop all traffic (yes, all traffic) for me. Wow. It doesn’t happen everyday that they stop all traffic for me when I could have safely walked between the construction and the cars.


Useful Reaserch?

Thin Men Get Lower Pay than Average-Weight Men

A man in the U.S. whose weight is 25 pounds below the mean earns $210,925 less, on average, across a 25-year career than a man whose weight is at the mean, according to a study by Timothy A. Judge of the University of Florida and Daniel M. Cable of London Business School. But a woman who is 25 pounds below the mean earns $389,300 more across the same time span than an average-weight woman. Society rewards people for meeting gender-role expectations on weight, the researchers say.

From the Harvard Business Review daily stats

Do you already have one from Nicollo Webshop?

Nicollo LogoEvery now and than you see something that you would like to have. And you want to have it now! Sometimes it is expensive, but at other times it is actually something that we all can afford. You know what I am talking about, those little thinks that make our life’s just that little bit nicer.
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Still Loving Research!

Still loving research

Another example why we love research. These researches must have worked long and hard to get this research up and running. But in the end, trying to blend in with the back ground did not work. At all!

Have a look yourself to see how the researchers are out smarted by the curiosity of these polar bears.
A video by the BBC.


Magic Wallet

Our Magic wallets are still going strong, if you haven’t done so yet, go buy one now! We have some more exciting news coming!


Do you ever have this problem too?

Do you ever go to the bottle shop when your car is running low on petrol? Seems like these two scientists do have this problem. Poor scientists.

“Why two economists have found it increasingly hard to distinguish oil from wine”

Lets hope, for their own health’ sake, that they roll the petrol in their glass and smell the strong aromas before they actually drink it.

Or maybe what not to choose!

Another interesting quote from the Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review. Interesting, especially when I am going to enjoy another long haul flight soon. Space can be very nice, especially when you have to sit still for 12 hours. If you don’t want to sit still, you can walk up and down the aisles, but how long will it take before the flight attendants start questioning your behaviour? I mean, nowadays you are even asked not to gather in groups around the toilets or in other places on the plane.
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What to choose?

Nicollo Logo

Do you ever have the feeling that you cannot make a decision? Not because you don’t know what you want but because you have too many choices? There are sometimes just too many good things too choose from and I want them all! Continue reading

One Friend

I want to have one friend and one friend only! I will make an exception for 2 friends or perhaps even 3 friends, because I do like people.

Nicollo Webshop

There I really have to draw the line! It is not that I have turned anti social all of a sudden, no, far from it. Actually, it is more the opposite. I have been way too social. There are the international friends in Melbourne, the hockey friends, there is the family (yes I do have family, even in Melbourne!), there are the uni friends from the two different universities I am attending at the moment, there are the new friends from our week of hockey in Perth and of course there are the random friends we picked up along the way as well.
Oh I almost forgot. I have to attend classes at the university as well, and spend some hours at work. And lets not forget selling Magic Wallets on!

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Boredom at work.

I always knew I liked to be busy. Doing useful things to stay busy or perhaps something useless. It is nice to know you have actually done something, to accomplish something, even when it is something insignificant.

But I have never really been forced to be bored hours at a time…. There was always something to do or perhaps it was a choice not to do anything.

Not this week though. This week I am working every day, supervising others and watching them work. I have to be there, to answer questions, but after day 1, there are hardly any questions. I have to be there to assist, but everyone knows what to do…

Life is not that bad, just extremely boring every morning this week!

You Gotta Love Research

A day at the beachWe all know that Google can find you 390 million (!) results when you search for “stuff”, including the “story of stuff“, which is rather interesting. Just in case you were wondering. Apple on the other hand makes some nice toys and they sell popular tunes online.  Oh and a phone that people seems to like. Maybe after you have read this, you will like the iPhone even more…

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