How do solar panels work

Solar panels in a field

How do solar panels work?

So how do solar panels work? The Guardian has a series of articles explaining different issues. This one is explaining how solar panels capture the energy of the sun, and generate electricity we can use to make a cup of coffee. Or charge your electrical car. Or, well, you get the point!

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels go back a long way. The first time the effect of generating electricity from light was discovered already in 1839. Albert Einstein made a big breakthrough in 1905 when described the photoelectric effect, for which he later received the Nobel Price. But it wasn’t until 1954 before the first solar cell was build. That was when it, slowly, started for the solar panels as we know them today.

Read the full article of The Guardian here: How do solar panels work and have a look at the 6 seconds video that explains the basics of a solar panel.

Bonus video

Below you can watch a short video (about 3,5 minutes) that explains how solar power works. It explains the basic of a solar cell as well as explaining how you can generate electricity by creating steam from the heat of the sun.