Electrical boat from an unexpected place

You would expect a solar powered boats to come a sunny place like Florida or perhaps a country focussed on renewable energy like Germany. And surely not from the mountains. But the swiss do not only make watches, they build electrical boats, like this Aqua Bus 850 T, too. I am always positively surprised about the amazing quality products that come from the mountains.

Grove Boats Aquabus 1050T

Electricity Costs

The daily costs to power this boat are claimed to be a maximum of €1 per day. If the sun is shining, you could even sail around for free, so you are totally independent from any traditional energy sources. Unfortunately it is not clear how long or how far you can sail when you have to rely on the sun. But even if you have to rely on wall power, you don’t have any stinking and polluting diesel fumes or the noise coming from a traditional engine. If you can source your power from a provider of renewable energy, you can really transfer your passengers with zero emissions, even when the sun is not shining.

Many locations on the water in the Netherlands are supporting the installation of charging stations. In Amsterdam there is a growing number of electrical cars and charging stations. And even on the water you start seeing more and more electrical boats.

Electrical Boats from Range Grove Boats

Grove Boats has a a nice range of electrically powered boats, with capacity from 12 to 100 people. Grove Boats focusses on passenger transportation for organisations who care about the environment they operate in. The electrical boats do not have any emission or noise, which makes them both comfortable and environmental friendly.Grove Boats AquaBus 850T