The future is green…

…but it is not around the corner.

Although there have been a lot of improvements, innovations and new companies over the last few years, I haven’t seen any major breakthroughs. Prices are still high, many traditional companies are trying to figure out how to do this electrical thing and charging is still a major issue.

Currently we are looking into a test with a small electrical outboard engine. How easy is it to install? What do we need? What are the costs? And not to forget, is the engine powerful enough?


We are going to start with something like a Talamex TM66. It is rated as being to power a 2200KG boat, that is about 50% more than we need, just looking at the weight. So that should be a safe bet and is still fairly affordable. How will it compare to the existing 27pk / 27bph diesel engine? That is a good question.

Next we need a good battery. For now, it needs to be totally separate from the diesel engine. Otherwise we could theoretically empty the starter engine, which means we couldn’t start the old diesel. Therefore we choose to get a separate battery. A 105Ah semi-traction or this Talamex battery at boot4nl battery is recommended for a sail time of 1-3 hours. That is a good start for us.

Next we need some heavy duty cables, a charger and gear to install the engine.

Lets order and we will keep you posted!