Swiss lakes ban…

…the two strokes engines and favor the electric propulsions

We have taken this article from our friends at Groove Boats.

“Swiss law on inner water navigation (“ordonnance sur la navigation intérieure – ONI, article 166 al 22) limited the use of two strokes engine to latest 31st December 2017.

The sales of these polluting engines has been banned a decade ago already and the engines stil in use need now to be removed away from the waters. Due to their relatively modest powers, quite a few owners could well consider electric alternatives may it be out-boards (Torqeedo) or In-board (Kröutler). Interestingly, local authorities are incentivizing the purchase of electric propulsions by granting significant discount on annual taxes and fees.

Grove Boats has contributed to other 100 installations in Switzerland in the last 4 years only and is the most renowned actor in the field of electric boat propulsions in Switzerland.

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Source: Grove Boats Newsletter