Useful Books

We have been looking for good books about renewable energy for boats for a while. We thought there would be more about renewable energy for boats. But we were wrong. Or we just haven’t been able to find them yet. This is one book that does cover the topic and it tells you a great deal about installing a renewable energy system. Or any electrical power system onboard your boat, car or caravan.

Independent Energy Guide

Unfortunately the book is not focused on just boats, it is discussing and showing how to install renewable energy on houses, boats and RV’s. This not a necessarily a problem, but those systems are very different. There is a lot of very useful stuff in the book. Not only about renewable energy, but about living independent from power and other sources.

Get the book

You can get the book at Amazon here: Buy this book at Amazon.

Please let me know if you know any good resources about renewable energy for boats or anything related.


[EDIT:] While initially I wrote that the book is not focused on just boats, nowadays we know it is best to share knowledge. Why do boat owners need invent the wheel again when caravan owners or builders have already doen so? Lets use existing technology, improve it and use! In the end all users will benefit from the sharing of knowledge.