Surprisingly I love this fact

Reasons Consumers Are Buying Solar

Reasons Consumers Are Buying Solar

Not surprisingly, there are different reasons to “go green”. It doesn’t really matter if we talk about individuals, organisations, nations or campaniles, they all have different reasons to go green.

Some people want to save the planet and pollute as little as possible, some companies use it for marketing purposes, individuals might go green because their neighbours went down this road and they don’t want to stay behind.  Still others go green just to save money. And I am sure many might not even know why they do, but they just follow the crowds. But surprisingly I love this fact.

The real reason

So what is the real reason a person or organisation decides to go green? According to Green Tech Media two thirds of buyers claims that financial reasons are the main motivation to buy solar panels. Two thirds is a very large proportion and this really surprised me, but it also supports my long standing idea that the best way to promote green energy is to make sure it doesn’t cost people money. There are many, many people and companies looking for ways to invest their cash, even, or perhaps especially, in these times where finical distress is the main topic in the news.

So the next time you want to promote renewable energy and you are thinking, how can I convince this fossil fuel addicted guy, remember that their wallet is the best way to go. Isn’t it it always their wallet? I am sure that you will be able to push your fiends in a green direction when they used to scream: Hippies!