Sneak peak of the Chinese engine

Many companies use the word “green” freely. As soon as something pollutes less, it is called “green”. That sounds great! Less horrible pollution is what we all want, isn’t it?

This is the big brother.

This is the big brother.

But does a Boeing yet engine sound “green” to you? To me it sounds like a big, polluting piece of metal. BUT, according to the producer, General Electric, more efficient than it predecessor means green. Well, honestly I think that is nonsense. Would you ever buy a car that can drive less km’s than your current car? Would you buy buy a new washing machine that uses more water and electricity than the one you currently have? Of course not!

Basically everything that is an improvement in the previous generation could be called “green”. Even if it goes from extremely polluting to really polluting. In that case, I can say thatIi have a green boat! Wow! I always wanted to be able to say that.

So what happened? The old engine, as mentioned in earlier posts was from an old Mercedes 180, I think. It once was a 42 break hirse power diesel engine, and last build about 60 years ago! You can imagine that this is not the most efficient, nir the cleanest engine. We actually managed to sell it to someone elae who was really happy with it. He was going to tune it a bit and install it in his own boat.

We got a brand new engine from China. Branded Timray in the Nethelands. It runs more efficient, it only needs a subtle 2 liters per hour, and it is quite a bit smaller too with only 27 break horse power.

So according to the definition described above, I could say that, with my new Chinese engine, I have a “green” boat. We all know that is nonsense. It is a diesel engine and it still blows out nasty stinking fumes. Just a but less than the previous engine. But for now I am very happy with it and will continue to investigate how I can make my boat greener, maybe by installing an electrical engine…