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BioLite Stove – Electricity from fire

BioLite in action

As you might have noticed, I have a very broad interest, both related to renewable energy for boats and in general.  The BioLite Stove is an example of something different that caught my attention. To me, it shows the technological progress that is being made all around us and all the new possibilities of energy generation. …

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Zero Emission Ferry from France

The french ship yard STX France has introduced a novelty in the nautical industry. They built a fully electrical, zero emission ferry. Instead of using traditional batteries to power the electrical engines, they opted for super capacitors. The advantage of the super capacitor is that that they are cheaper to use and can be charged …

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Green Boating at Pinterest


You can find the Green Boating Blog on Pinterest for a selection of beautiful pictures.  Funny, witty, pretty, smart, thoughtful, exciting, inspiring, you can find it all! There are some spots you don’t want to ruin with a noisy or smoking diesel engine, there are some boats just to pretty while others already look green because …

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Athena in the sun | The Green Boating Blog

One of the most beautiful and impressive yachts built in the recent past. Built in the Netherlands by the founder of Netscape and couple other companies in Silicon Valley. Impressive. Gracious. Just a pure beauty. 90m of immense power. One of the largest sailing yachts. Athena These are just a couple of words or sentences …

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The Green Boating Blog on Facebook

Ofcourse you can follow us on Facebook as well. If you follow the Green Boating Blog you will never miss the latest posts about renewable energy and boats. Please like The Green Boating Blog on Facebook and stay posted on the latest updates about renewable energy for boats. But don’t worry, I won’t spam you or …

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AK Maritime Service

I don’t just want to show far from our bed examples of huge projects sponsored by large corporations, but as well help you to find the right information for your own boat. AK Maritime Service is a service provider both for recreational yachts as well as work boats. They have a small webshop where you …

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Planet Solar in the sun

PlanetSolar is the largest solar-powered boat and sailed around the world only using solar power. As you can see, this was achieved by covering every square inch with solar panels, and then some more, just to get as much power from the sun as possible. The successful circumnavigation of Planet Solar has shown the possibilities …

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Electrical boating in Amsterdam

Electric Boat Amsterdam

Electrical boating in Amsterdam Not renewable, just electrical sailing in the canals in Amsterdam. Electrical boating is becoming more and more popular in the canals of Amsterdam. Read this Dutch Article in People like that it is “green”, the boats are really easy to handle because of the electrical propulsion and for the companies …

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The Story of Change

Story of Change

I already mentioned the story of stuff in a post a couple of years ago in a post because I really liked the video. Today I saw a new video of the Story of Stuff project, called The Story Of Change. After they first analysed all the “stuff” that we own, use, and get rid of, …

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Improvement to my boat

— UPDATE — The chinese engine was installed in 2012, and has so far been a success! Improvement, yes! Green, not yet. So what happened? We replaced the the old engine, a Mercedes OEM 636 , with a new Chinese engine. The Mercedes OEM 636 was last installed in a car in 1961. That is …

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Video of an electrical boat in Seatle

I just saw this video of a guy who made his own electrical boat and wanted to share it with you. The guy is having a great time in his self build wooden, electrical boat. The only thing he is still missing is some solar panels!

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Rising energy prise are good for Renewable Energy

The Germand energy giant RWE warns  for rising energy priss. The price for LPG and electricity will continue to rise. They warn us about the impact this has on everyones energy bill. This is bad news for consumers. They are afraid that especially the low income households will have difficulties paying their energy bills. Rising …

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Electrical boat from an unexpected place

Grove Boats Aquabus 1050T

You would expect a solar powered boats to come a sunny place like Florida or perhaps a country focussed on renewable energy like Germany. And surely not from the mountains. But the swiss do not only make watches, they build electrical boats, like this Aqua Bus 850 T, too. I am always positively surprised about …

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The Dong Solar Challenge has started

Dong Energy Solar Challenge

The Dong Solar Challenge has kicked off again! The international World Cup for Solar Powerd Boats has started in the North of Holland for the fourth time already. The Dong Solar Challenge started in 2004 as the Nuon Solar challenge and is regularly compared to the solar challenge for cars held in Australia . And just …

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Magic Wallets from Nicollo

Nicollo Magic Wallets

I know, this doesn’t have much to do with renewable energy. Or with boats. But I have fallen in love with the Magic Wallet since I was first given one a couple years ago. I am sure you will like them too! Don’t hesitate to order one now on and let me know what you …

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Sneak peak of the Chinese engine

This is the big brother.

Many companies use the word “green” freely. As soon as something pollutes less, it is called “green”. That sounds great! Less horrible pollution is what we all want, isn’t it?

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Help, I’m addicted!

It is electrical, quiet and moves around so smoothly! What is it? The electrical Smart!

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Let me know what you think!

It would be great to hear why you are interested in the Green Boating blog. Personally I would love my boat to be greener, but the both the costs and the ease of use still prevent me from making my boat totally “green”. The Poll Please fill out the small poll and let me know …

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Happy Holidays!

The Green Boating Blog hopes you have a great time with family and friends and wishes you Happy Holidays! Maybe next year will be the year that you can make your boat just a little bit greener. Maybe installing an electrical engine, a solar panel, or just reducing your energy consumption by using efficient lighting. …

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A variety of energy sources

Schoonbeek Oilfield

My goal is to have a boat that can go for hours using just an electrical engine. Preferably using a powerful engine so I can go a bit faster than a snail. To create a “green boat”, I need access to green energy. Otherwise I would use electricity that is generated with gas or coals. …

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Would motivation like this work for renewable energy too?

It is all about motivation! We can all run a marathon, climb the biggest mountain or sail around the world, as long as we have the right motivation. The video below shows how people can be motivated to change something very small in their normal behaviour, without it having to cost them anything. The question …

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Something different, a cool skate video

This is a pretty cool skate video I wanted to share with you. The speed is phenomenal. Do you realise that there is a human standing on top of this skate board? Speed is not all that special, but when you realise it is not a car or plane, but a guy only centimetres removed …

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Saving Energy on Board

Energy efficiency on board As with any project, there are many aspects that are important to make the whole project successful. Building a boat that can be powered solely by renewably generated energy is no different. Everything has to work together to make sure the boat can sail for as long as desired while being …

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Interesting observation about renewable and nuclear energy

As you might have noticed, I added some Google Adds to support this website. Every time you click on an add on my site, I receive a couple cents. I use this to maintain this website and hope to cover the cost this year. So you know what to do to get me a buck …

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Frysian E-Power Challenge 2011

Frysian eChallenge

Frysian E-Power Challenge Last Sunday I spent the day in Sneek to watch 21 one electrically powered boats compete in the Frysian E-Power Challenge. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good and I didn’t envy the guys and girls sitting in their boats sailing around Friesland for more than 4 hours. I wanted to see this …

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